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Apple please help us …

YES !!!! Photoshop just crashed and doesn’t seem to have saved the last two hours of my work … WINNING.

Dear Apple, 

I am to writing today to thank you for shagging not only the operating system on my two mobile devices with iOS8 ( iPad and iPhone ) but also somehow managing to make my new iMac operating system extremely unstable too. I would like to say as an avid, patriotic user of your devices and having purchased ALOT of them over the last 8 years that I think OSX Tiger was my favourite and I still run OSX Leapard on my WHITE iMac ( 7 years old ) and its BRILLIANT with one crash that I can remember in the last … well years and now I get a brand new iMac and its pretty much shite other than the beautiful screen and it looks stunning on my desk. I DONT want it to make me feel that its as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike with this current operating system. PLEASE make Yosemite as good as Tiger was !! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!! ‪#‎apple‬ ‪#‎helpus‬




september love …